Marketing solutions for Nashville's favorite whole-animal butcher shop


The Situation

Nashville's favorite place to buy quality meats and eats, Bare Bones Butcher has been slinging tasties since early 2017 — and Smudgepot has been with them every step of the way. Co-owners Wesley Adams and Patrick Davidson opened the shop with a goal of serving fresh products to foster community, and almost immediately their dreams were realized. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, their community-oriented business was rattled; Bare Bones had to pivot. They decided to launch a completely customized online store, where customers could purchase cut-to-order meats, and in doing so set out to redesign their website and strengthen their brand.

The Solution

When Bare Bones came to Smudgepot asking to create an online store suited to their specific needs, we were eager to take on the challenge. Having worked with the shop since 2016 — designing their visual branding, crafting their brand messaging, managing their social media and marketing efforts, and everything in between — we had an acute understanding of the business and the challenges associated with selling their products online. But by collaborating with the team at Digital Engage, we were able to bring BBB's vision for an online store to life and maintain the brand identity they've established over the past 3 years. Clean and enticing, yet fun and whimsical, BBB's new website is sure to serve them well for years to come.


Our new website and e-commerce platform have completely changed the game for us during the pandemic. We loved our old website [that Smudgepot also created] so we are especially happy that our new site feels similar, but upgraded and refreshed. Honestly, the fact that we are able to safely sell custom-cut meats from our website is kind of mind blowing — and pretty f***ing awesome. Maddie absolutely knocked it out of the park with this.

Wesley Adams, Co-Owner

Visual Branding


Website Redesign + E-Commerce


New Online Store Prompts a Whole New Look

In anticipation of Bare Bones Butcher's customized online store, we suggested a website redesign to accompany their launch. Not only would a redesign give the brand a fresh look, but the update would visually communicate BBB's upgrade (selling custom-cut meats online — something that has never been done before!). In strategizing the site redesign, we worked with developers at Digital Engage to build a completely custom online store, and leveraged BBB's preexisting branding and messaging to ensure the identity and personality remained strong. We then crafted specific language to ensure the site achieved it's goal: more sales, either in-store or online.


In addition to designing the site and creating engaging copy for every page, we also composed SEO-optimized blog posts to help the brand gain traction with search engines and their visitors. By sharing recipes, cooking tips, and informative reads, BBB could connect more deeply with their audience, while consistently generating content to stay relevant online. Finally, our photography services were the cherry on top for this small, local butcher shop, adding beauty and meaning to the website redesign, and consistently ensuring mouthwatering content was available to share via social media.



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