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Creating SEO-Optimized content for a rapidly growing tech company 


The Situation

The leading provider of construction finance technology, Built offers software that helps manage risk, maximize productivity, accelerate timelines and improve customer workflow. In early 2020 Built acquired in an effort to expand their offerings and customer-base, effectively launching Built for Contractors. Coming from a focus on construction lending, this exciting merger and subsequent product launch brought construction spending into the fold. As such, Built began developing a suite of new products, but they needed help writing copy that would clearly explain the value of their technology and help them rank high on search engines.

The Solution

Although Smudgepot had worked with Built prior to their merger with, Built really began leveraging the power of content with the launch of Built for Contractors (B4C). From composing blog posts and case studies, to writing calls scripts for the sales team, Smudgepot worked closely with Built's internal marketing team to create SEO-optimized content that would help them gain traction and eyeballs online. In an effort to clarify the value of B4C, Smudgepot wrote copy for an ebook that could be used in sales pitches and marketing, and helped Built rank for the term "lien waivers," by composing copy for a web-based informational manual called Lien Waivers 101: The Essential Guide. We continue to work with Built to provide clear and valuable content that we hope will help them continue to grow!

All I have to say is WOW!

This work is really amazing.

Sean Richardson,

Marketing Manager

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Utilizing language that makes sense to industry professionals and outsiders alike, Smudgepot creates copy for Built that is not only digestible, but relatively enjoyable to read, too. Although at first glance lien waivers and construction lending may not seem like the most engaging subject matter, we've found that employing colorful metaphors and witty remarks makes financial technology interesting, enlightening, and incredibly valuable to the company's audience. Furthermore, this type of base-level language is exactly what search engines need to connect Built to the customers who need them.


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