An online store as unique as as the gallery itself


The Situation

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the owners of The Copper Fox Gallery decided to venture into the world of e-commerce, eager to grow their business by selling items from their one-of-a-kind gallery online. Having inherited the website from the gallery’s previous owner, Smudgepot suggested starting over completely, opting to recreate the website as a means of establishing CFG’s visual identity and clarifying their messaging. The goal was to build a website that showcased their unique charm, while encouraging appreciation for both the artists’ work and the gallery’s aptitude for showcasing it inside a warm shopping environment.

The Solution

Smudgepot created website copy that reflects the tone of the brand and encourages sales both online and in-store. We designed a website representative of the brand's eclectic yet eloquent personality and then photographed the space to ensure the visuals would clearly illustrate the uniqueness of the store, itself. We leveraged those photographs to create a completely custom store, and worked with a developer to ensure the Copper Fox Gallery's online shopping experience  felt similar to that of an in-person experience. Marrying the gallery's preexisting brand identity with this shiny, new online representation ensured they were ready to take on the 2020 Holiday Season with their best foot (er...paw?) forward. 


This was our first time working with a web designer and we couldn't be happier with our choice. Smudgepot was hands on throughout the entire process: very communicative, helpful with ideas, and kept the project moving from stage to stage in a timely manner. Maddie provided us with creative ideas and professional execution which made accomplishing our goals feel easy. We are so pleased with our new site, and Maddie made it happen!

Talbott + John Grimm, Owners


While the photographs we took helped to efficiently describe the Copper Fox Gallery's portfolio and aesthetic to their audience, the language Smudgepot created was crafted to connect with the audience; it makes visitors feel seen and understood, and gives them license to slow down, explore, and enjoy the simple pleasure of experiencing artwork. The messaging is intended to be intelligent, warm, and congenial — akin to the experience of shopping in-store — easily guiding visitors to the Shop page, where they can find the treasure they’ve been seeking.


Website Redesign + E-Commerce Platform


In an original space like the Copper Fox Gallery, the traditional scrolling grid that constitutes most online stores simply wouldn’t do justice to the vivaciousness of their cozy, Liepers Fork shop. Alongside a new, visually-enticing website filled with plenty of imagery to showcase the gallery's style, Smudgepot custom-designed an online gallery that facilitates the sale of their products via an immersive online experience. We worked with the developers at CPR Digital to bring this online shopping experience to life!

CFG-WebsiteMockup_Home Page.png
CFG-WebsiteMockup_Shop Page.png


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