Howdy! I'm Maddie Adams. Also known as


With a love for writing, an eye for design, and an innate ability to easily work with others, I help businesses grow through the power of strategic and compelling content:








I’ve donned numerous hats throughout my career - a creative marketer with years of experience in the hospitality industry specifically, my background includes working in-house for small businesses, on the startup team for a local branding agency, and as the creative strategist for the city's most prestigious hospitality group. While my experiences have followed a steady line of growth, the work I’ve performed throughout my career has been scattered all across the marketing chart. From graphic design to photography, and email marketing to ghost-writing a book, my can-do attitude has led me down an array of avenues that eventually led me here: creative content marketing.


These days, businesses leverage online content to connect with their audience and grow. Whether that’s through blog posts, case studies, email campaigns, or visuals, there’s no limit to the impact brands can make to their bottom line when they commit to creating content.


Of course, many business owners don’t have time to create such content — they’re doing a zillion other things! ⁠— so that’s where I come in. By working together, we can create a strategic content plan that adds value to your business and adds dollars to your bank account.


A native Nashvillian, I was born and raised in Music City, the daughter of a country music songwriter. Both music and writing have always been in my bones, but I opted to pursue the latter, leaving Taylor Swift and Maren Morris to take the lead on the mic. I studied both Communication and Spanish in college, have created nearly half-a-dozen blogs, and wrote a cookbook about how to make sausage when I was only 23 years old. What, didn't you? But regardless of my experience and achievements, it wasn’t until the middle of 2019 that I realized I could turn my fondness for writing into a career in content marketing. And now, here we are.


While writing and marketing are my bread and butter, teaching yoga is my favorite snack — my Cheez-It. I teach weekly yoga classes at two studios in East Nashville (Hot Yoga of East Nashville and Hola Yoga), and also offer private lessons.


Outside of work, I spend most of my time cozied up in my kitchen whipping up something tasty, playing outside in the sunshine, or color-coding both my closet and my calendar.


I’m also seriously in love with my angel dog Birdie and angel husband Wesley.


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